Today vs Yesterday - Summary since midnight local time

Temperature and Humidity Today Difference Yesterday
High Temperature 10.0°C at 02:57 -13.3°C 23.3°C at 13:09
Low Temperature 7.4°C at 07:11 -0.2°C 7.6°C at 02:47
Temperature Range 2.5°C -13.2°C 15.7 °C
High Apparent Temperature 8.4°C at 03:00 -14°C 22.4°C at 13:14
Low Apparent Temperature 5.6°C at 07:09 0.4°C 5.2°C at 02:52
High Heat Index 10.0°C at 02:57 -13.3°C 23.3°C at 13:09
Low Wind Chill 7.5°C at 07:09 -0.1°C 7.6°C at 02:47
Rainfall Today Difference Yesterday
Rainfall 0.0mm 0mm 0.0mm
Rainfall Rate Max 0.0mm/hr at 00:00 0mm/hr 0.0mm/hr at 00:00
High Hourly Rainfall 0.0mm at 00:00 0mm 0.0mm at 00:00
Days Since Last Dry Day 0
Days Since It Last Rained 19
Wind Today Difference Yesterday
Highest Gust 6.4km/h at 00:59 -15km/h 20.9km/h at 13:25
Highest Speed (10 min ave) 3.2km/h at 00:15 -2km/h 4.8km/h at 00:02
Wind Run 9.5km -40.4km 49.9km
Dominant Direction 124°SE 95°E
Humidity Today Difference Yesterday
High Humidity 71% at 06:53 -1% 72% at 02:43
Low Humidity 59% at 03:04 34% 25% at 14:40
Barometer Today Difference Yesterday
High Pressure (SL) 1015.92hPa at 00:00 -2.57hPa 1018.49hPa at 10:26
Low Pressure (SL) 1014.29hPa at 04:35 0.51hPa 1013.78hPa at 16:15
Solar Today Difference Yesterday
High Solar Radiation 0W/m² at 00:00 -817W/m² 817W/m² at 13:50
Hours of Sunshine 0.0 -7 7.0

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